That’s A Lot of Earthquakes in a Short Time Frame


Recently Ecuador headed earthquake that reached a 7.8. The plate tectonics in Ecuador are acting up getting ready to give way to a life-altering mega earthquake that will change the face of the planet as we know it. In the last short period of time Ecuador has experienced a massive amount of microquakes along with several smaller earthquakes accompanied by some larger ones. 46 earthquakes alone in the past month and 89 earthquakes in the last year!


The plate tectonics are shifting, and those who are caught in this area are lucky to survive these horrendous ground shaking tremors and catastrophes. Incredibly through the rubble every once in a great while a victim that has passed insurmountable odds survives.

A 72-year-old man became one of these individuals recently. After two weeks of being trapped in the debris and rubble from an earthquake that leveled Ecuador and a 72-year-old man was rescued and is alive! The shocking truth is the world is changing, and it’s happening sooner than people would like to expect. Don’t think it’s happening now? Go ahead be one of the non-believers and see where that goes.


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