Police Can Legally Shoot Down Drones

Shocking news coming out of Utah with a law for cops to shoot down drones that they see flying in the skies. Just what police now days need, a reason to shoot even more. It seems that more and more today police officers are looking for a reason to discharge their firearms in public and are just doing it at their random will.


It’s understandable that your jobs are tough and that you face many dangers. However, this should have been known by you before joining the police force as an individual. Shooting down a drone just means that you have dangerous bullets flying around. Judging by some of the shootout scenes in recorded footage on news channels, many police officers do not have the skills to shoot a flying moving target.

Allowing for police officers to shoot down drones will just create civil unrest. Citizens would also believe that they have the same ability to shoot down these drones. A similar incident involving a drone in Dallas happened not too long ago. A drone came flying up across somebody’s backyard. The man’s daughter was laying out getting a suntan. The man saw this drone and grabbed his shotgun. He blasted the drone out of the sky. This drone was valued at around $1,500. Now there is a court case involving this issue. The man is facing charges for destruction of private property as well as discharging a firearm in a neighborhood. Shooting down drones may not be the answer.

Understanding them might help people adjust to the future. The past will not always stay the past, and those who want to stand in it should find a special place. Allowing police officers a reason to shoot even more is not a great idea.

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