11 Billion Gallons of Water Disappear in 90 Minutes- The Reason Will Shock You

People around the world are baffled about one of our precious natural resources being depleted at an alarming and amazing rate. The natural resource and talking about of course is water. A glacier pool in the Arctic had approximately 11 billion gallons of water disappear from it in less than 90 minutes. Reports coming in state that some saw a giant alien-like spaceship with a huge straw sucking the water out of this lake.

Other people say that companies who sell bottled water snuck a pipeline into the location and drained it dry within minutes. The truth is we will never know what happened. An educated guess would say a whole popped up in the bottom kind of like when you pull the plug out of a tub, and all the water goes down the drain. The thing is all that water has to go somewhere.

Scientists believe they may have discovered where this water goes. Scientist after millions of dollars worth of research come to the conclusion that yes what a hole opens up in the bottom of the damn lake in the water runs out. Wow, you guys are really smart. I could have saved millions of dollars and told you that. The rest of what happens when the water goes bye-bye is as much of a mystery to them as it is to us.

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