22 a Day is 22 To Many – Its Time We Help Them Fight Back

In shocking news, the veterans of the United States of America and active-duty service members are having to battle politicians for the right to utilize cannabis as an alternative treatment to the dozens of prescription medications they are force-fed on a continual basis. With suicide rates at an all-time high at an average of 22 veterans per day, something must be done.

A small handful of dedicated individuals is out there trying to bring awareness and support to this movement and effort. Cannabis is showing great effectiveness in replacing medications that have dangerous side effects that are extremely hazardous to individuals who already are experiencing other symptoms. It is almost as if the United States government is trying to get out of having to pay for their soldiers. Why else would you force upon them the medications that kill them when there is a natural alternative that is available to them virtually free?

The shocking news that cannabis can help save our vets becomes even more shocking, but every politician in our country doesn’t automatically support and back this! These men and women put their lives on the line and oftentimes are put into questionable positions due to the political leaders back home in a suit and tie. To tell them that pharmaceutical narcotics are their only option is absurdly wrong and unjust. Even more so, it is downright un-American! Remember your veterans and remember those who serve to protect your freedoms! Help them fight the battle they are all up against now; they have fought battles for you that you can only imagine.

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