To Answer or Not to Answer? That is the Question


A random phone that you do not know is ringing. Do you walk by it, or do you answer it? This is a question that was asked in a movie once called phone booth. If you are familiar with this movie, did you know that by answering a random ringing phone it created the worst possible day four the person who responded to the phone? Why is it that we feel when we hear a phone ringing it must be answered. Some say it’s because the noise that bells make trigger an emotion that causes people to want to make it stop.


A ringing Bell eventually Drive someone insane. A headache, anger, and aggression, and other symptoms can start to affect an individual when a ringing noise such as a phone continues without stopping. For this reason, when people hear a phone ringing they feel compelled to answer it.


If it’s your own phone ringing chances are you won’t think twice about answering it. Kids today are fortunate as they will not know the terror and horror of hearing a pay phone randomly ringing on the street. The next time you’re out in public and happen to be by one of the old antique pay phones, and it starts ringing think twice before you answer it!


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