Where IS Out Of Water


The shocking truth that the planet is in despair and cannot repair itself. An environmental study released by the UN confirms the shocking truth. Human beings have been damaging the environment at the rate of creation. Damaging it Beyond repair and I’m such a steady and consistent basis that it cannot even recover.


Rivers are drying up around the world, and food sources are running now. Still Life as we know it seems to continue somehow. Biodiversity, wind, water sources and marine life must have radical actions taken immediately if we are to even attempt at helping to change the environment for the better. Currently to some individuals they will believe that everything is just fine because water flows beautifully where they live.


Take for example the river Tawi located in Kashmir India. This once Mighty River hosted 4for Bridges in a short section but, has now run all but dry. Poor sections of the world already know the shocking truth, and that is our environment is screwed, and we’re the ones who did it. To make matters worse, nobody seems to be really taking the steps to make any changes. It’s more than changing the type of light bulbs you use.

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