They Are Doing What?

hillary and trump

The shocking truth is Donald Trump is a moron, and everybody really knows this. Not only has the man successfully had nearly a dozen bankruptcies he’s also managed to be married a few times. This shows us he has very poor judgment and business and very poor judgment when it comes to his personal life. So what better to do with that poor judgment then run for president of the United States of America.

trumpend of the world

Based upon actions of past presidents of the United States it is becoming a requirement to run for the presidency. Now Donald Trump kicks it a nickel with his shrimp America campaign and chooses his energy adviser. Donald Trump has managed to piss off yet, even more, people because the individual he chose is someone who denies climate change is taking place.

trump kids

Kevin Cramer a North Dakota lawmaker who is Donald Trump’s choice for our Key Energy advisor. Cramer believes that the entire global warming conspiracy was created by the Chinese. He is also a major supporter of fossil fuels. I’m guessing this would be because individual such as himself and Donald Trump are nothing but fossils and will fuel the destruction of our planet if we allow them to! Wake the f*** up people and stop this s*** before it happens!

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