30 Miles and 35 Tons of Dead Fish Wash Ashore

The shocking truth is everything that we do here on this planet affects the evolution of life in a way that many of us are very naive to. There is a delicate balance that is required between life on this planet and human life. When the balance between human life and other life on Earth is off it is a recipe for catastrophe. Currently, humankind is brewing a recipe for just this!

Warning signs are evident all across the world. Things such as mudslides, global warming creating break-offs of the polar ice caps, and the warning signs our oceans are giving us. Take for example our oceans. One of the most precious natural resources in the world possibly in the entire galaxy. Tens of thousands of fish are showing up dead off the coast of Florida as well as about 30 tons of dead fish in China.

The Florida coast is experiencing a 30-mile stretch that is being attacked by algae blooms and oxygen depletion from runoff water that is filled with contaminants such as pesticides and fertilizers. Warning signs are all around as letting us know that our oven just went ding and the time to put our catastrophe recipe in is here. The question is, do we actually put it in the oven, turn it on, and bake it or do we realize that it’s going to be a horrible tasteless recipe and start over?


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