32 Million Twitter Accounts Went on Lockdown

The shocking truth is no one is safe from internet hackers and having their account data stolen. Just recently there were reports that surfaced stating that a Russian hacker was looking to sell access to over 32 million Twitter accounts. This resulted in Twitter locking the many of these accounts and requiring users to reset their passwords before they were able to access their accounts again.

The hacker who goes by the name Tessa 88 was asking for Bitcoins as payment. The requested amount of money for access to these Twitter accounts was just over $4,000 or 10 Bitcoins. Twitter confirmed that they had not been hacked but took precautionary measures anyways to make sure that no one’s accounts were at risk. Despite the fact that they confirm that they had not been hacked when they cross-checked the data that on the list that was discovered they did confirm that some of the login data was factual.

This was not the only recent event such as this. In fact, there have been several other breaches recently made public that have occurred in recent months. The shocking truth is if this would not have been caught when it was someone would have made a nice little payday off of stealing innocent users information.


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