33 Lions Are Heading Home

The shocking truth is that over the years people have tried to domesticate and tame wild animals such as lions. Many of these actions have occurred within traveling circuses across countries around the globe. In this shocking truth story, it all ends well with a happy ending for these 33 lions. For several years now there has been a joint effort throughout Bogota Colombia and Peru to rescue lions that are being mistreated and held in captivity. Since all of these countries have passed laws forbidding people from being able to own wild animals 33 lions have been rescued from circuses where they were mistreated.

South Africa Lion Airlift

These lions are finally back where they belong and that is in their natural habitats within Africa. The animals have been shipped to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary where they will slowly be released into their natural settings and introduced to one another. Many of the lions that were rescued had suffered injuries and required dental surgery among other operations.

33 rescued circus lions were airlifted to Africa

Some of these have already been successfully fulfilled, and more are scheduled over the weeks to come. This effort has been one that has gained support by many people including the longtime TV game show host Bob Barker. The shocking truth is there are many people out there that will try to domesticate and tame wild animals for profit but luckily there are many more that have bigger hearts and will go to any extent to stop this wrong doing.

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