3D Print a Building in Just 17 Days

The shocking truth is that the future is here. The thought of printing even a small replica model airplane would seem futuristic too many, but the truth is we now have the capability on planet Earth to 3D print an entire building. Recently in Dubai the first ever 3D printed office building was completed. The structure is over 2500 square feet and required a printer that was 20 by 120 by 40 foot and printed the building layer by layer over a 17 day period.

This office building isn’t just a simple structure either it has many intricate details, shapes, and architectural details that make it absolutely extraordinary. The shocking truth is soon we will even be able to replace the men and women that build our homes with machines thanks to what many consider to be advancements in technology.

This technology however if utilized in the right manner could drastically help emergency relief efforts due to natural disasters, economical collapses of governments and more around the world.

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