5-Star Quality Meals at a Free Soup Kitchen Open to Everyone

In Kansas City, there is a soup kitchen that is not quite like any other soup kitchen you have seen or heard of before. This soup kitchen is more like a sit-down restaurant instead. In an effort to help create both community engagement, and involvement the soup kitchen in Kansas City has disguised itself as a sit-down restaurant.

The Kansas City Community Kitchen offers programs that help teach hands-on experience and skills in the culinary and hospitality industries to individuals looking to improve or increase job skills. You can volunteer at this soup kitchen no matter who you are.

You don’t have to be unable to afford a meal here either. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come in and enjoy some of the fine menu items. This is not a buffet style or line type soup kitchen. Instead, you will be greeted by a hostess or host and sit at your table where after a few moments of looking over your menu a server will come out and take your order.

Food is brought out and displayed in most elegant looking plates that are what you would expect to see at 5 star sit down restaurants. By encouraging doctors, lawyers, delivery people, office workers, construction workers, and everybody else to come and sit down and have a dinner together it increases in community engagement. With a community gets to know the people that are within it it helps to make that community a strong one. Big props to the Kansas City Community Kitchen!




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