When Dildos Attack Laughs Are Had

chinese dildo

Today’s world is a strange one for sure.  Everybody knows that there is a time and place for everything. Well actually not everybody knows that. The people in this story were either naive to the fact or they were just having some rather bizarre form of fun. Either way it makes for great storytelling and a good laugh.


Most recently you may recall there was a man who decided to ride the subway in New York. Once the doors were closed and the train was in motion this man began laughing finatically while waving around a double-ended 14 inch black dildo. Passengers had no choice but to endure their train ride.


Aaron Sabbah was another one of these individuals who one might say was a little bit of a dick. He had a $167,000 Mercedes-Benz that was in for some mechanical repairs. Once the mechanic was done with the work, he thought there would be no harm in taking the Mercedes for a joy ride possibly to pick up some ladies. However, this jJoyride was cut short when the mechanic stopped at a convenience store, and the Mercedes-Benz was repossessed. This displeased Aaron, threatened the mechanic with you guessed it, a 14-inch dildo. The 14-inch dildo seems to be popping up everywhere. See what I did there!


At a local pub in the town of Grafton Australia, there was a bit of a brawl after two ladies that were out for a night on the town ended up bumping into one another while dancing. There were some words exchanged but it was broken up quickly and before you know it everybody was back to dancing. Towards the end of the evening, these two ladies bumped into one another exiting the building, and that’s when all hell broke loose. While these two ladies were arguing in came a lady out of nowhere like Bruce Lee wielding two dildos in each hand flinging them like nunchucks. She was not at the pub or present the entire night, and nobody knew her or where she appeared from. She was armed to the tilt with 2, 14-inch dildos. Apparently if you are going to commit the crime of assault with a dildo, a 14-inch dildo is the preferred dildo of choice. No one was harmed by these dildo attacks though a lot of people received a good laugh!

Just for fun here is a video of an official dildo beatdown that didn’t make the list!

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