They Put What in Beer?


When it comes to what we put into our bodies, today many of us try to be careful. However when we indulge in a little alcohol we usually don’t think about what’s in it, we think about the consequences that we will feel later.  Alcohol, as it seems, may not be what is so horribly bad for you its but rather it is all of the by-products used in the refinery of the alcohol.  That and the excessive amount of alcohol that some individuals like to consume. One beverage that is enjoyed by everybody around the world virtually is cold beer.


Beer is known on basically every continent and in every country. Here in America craft beer or home brewed beer has become more than just a hobby and trend it has become a way of life for those who like this bitter, tasty treat. Would you believe me if I told you they were using dried fish bladders to clarify your beer? Some people say yum dried fish bladders just what I want give it to me I’ll get free dinner with my beer while many other people are disgusted by this. This is actually what attributes to the majority of the headaches and hangovers that individuals experience when drinking beer.


Guinness, a world famous Brewer of beer based out of Ireland, has taken light to the public’s point of view and refined their beer so that it no longer uses fish bladders for clarity. Many high-quality craft beers makers also pride themselves in crafting vegan beers. Between soft drink companies trying to flavor our soda by enhancing it with dried fetus tissue to beer brewers using powdered fish intestines to help with the appearance of our beer, it seems someone is trying to poison us at every corner.

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