Shocking Priest Performance on a Hoverboard


A Christmas rapping, singing, hoverboard-riding a Catholic priest has apologized for his actions at Christmas Mass. He was apparently super stoned and rolling around in a white robe on a hoverboard with blue lights singing the song Riding Dirty. I can only assume he was singing Riding Dirty because this is what I’ve heard time and time again, however, some people claim that he was singing a Christmas song. He looked like he was on MDMA judging by the video I saw with the glistening sweat coming from his body and the blue disco lights at his feet. He looked like kind of a Wizard of sorts. Everybody knows the Wizards where you go to get good drugs.

priest 1

Apparently the Catholics in the Philippines are still studying botany and make some awesome plant s***! The priest issued an apology after the video was passed around on YouTube like the neighborhood bicycle. There is a level of respect that is expected from those who wear the cloth. This time, that level of respect was not shown. While the priest had to issue an apology, it would seem that some in the congregation may consideration an apology as well as they were clapping and condoning these drug-like actions.


The only thing that was missing from the show is a fog machine. Which I’m sure if someone would have brought it, it would have been put to use. The next time you’re at church should you happen to see a wizard looking Priest in a white robe riding a hoverboard while singing, remember to pull out your phone and record this. Apparently it’s okay to record with your phone in church. Thankfully someone did record this and you can enjoy it below!


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