October is Zombie Awareness Month in Kansas


Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? If not perhaps you should move to Kansas. That’s right ToTo if you’re not learning to prepare for the zombie invasion you might not be in Kansas anymore. The governor of Kansas wants to train the residents of the state to be prepared for a zombie invasion.


That’s right you heard that correct.  The governor of Kansas wants to officially make October Zombie Awareness Month! Perhaps the governor of Kansas Sam Brownback has watched a little too much of the walking dead. According to Brownback, he believes if you’re prepared for zombies you’re prepared for anything! Strangely enough, the zombie preparedness challenge has things in it that people might not otherwise look at such as an emergency family plan and supplies in case a zombie apocalypse or other disaster should occur.


Kansas however, is not the first to encourage citizens of the United States to prepare for a zombie invasion.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also ran a similar campaign. With zombie bees, zombie trees and the encouragement for preparedness in the event of a zombie invasion. It makes you wonder what they’re not telling us!

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