8 Hours from Cali to New York Would be Something to Get Hyped Up About


The Hyperloop has an anticipated max speed tapping out of 335 miles per hour. Hyperloop Technologies is the name of the company looking to propel individuals into the future faster than ever before. Their name is derived from Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept. However, there is no direct affiliation with Ellen musk. Reports say that an area for testing has been secured in North Las Vegas Nevada.


Open Range Testing, Watch our Chickens

This 50-acre testing area will be where Hyperloop technologies begin the final phases of bringing this concept to reality. Just imagine the benefits of being able to travel from point A to point B long distances such as California to New York and be able to arrive in only a few short hours. Example New York to California is 2877 miles approx. This is a 45 plus hour drive. Instead, this could turn into an 8-hour trip on the Hyperloop.


Clean, Fast Transportation

The Hyperloop would stand to be powered by solar energy to power its electric motors rather than the harmful fossil fuels that are currently burned for air travel or highway travel. Clean renewable green energy sources are the way of the future and the Hyperloop may be just the thing to get all hyped up about.

Renewable Energy at Work

In A time when the planet is trying to find new ways to go green and looking for clean renewable energy sources, ideas like this are no longer futuristic concepts. Instead they are becoming reality. The Hyperloop concept by Hyperloop Technologies, is a great example of just how quickly civilization is moving into the future.


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