80 Year Old Man Gets 10 Years For Pot

News that sucks if you like to smoke pot. A big time marijuana dealer by the name of Marshall Dion was arrested and is now serving a life sentence in prison. Actually, he is not serving a life sentence in prison it is just most likely that he will die in prison. Matter of fact it is almost certain that he will die in prison. Marshall Dion was arrested back in 2013. Though he has been a marijuana dealer for decades.

Marshall Dion has no violent history and has never been in trouble for anything other than marijuana. This individual is a prime example of the shocking truth of marijuana probation! This man will be 90 years old before he is released from prison. So most likely that is where he will die with murders, rapists, and politicians. In 1985, Marshall Dion crashed a single-engine plane in Wisconsin. He crashed his plane in Kenosha County Wisconsin to be more exact.

The government kept 112,000 dollars that were recovered from where crashed this single engine plane. When officials arrived on the scene, Marshall was found with two broken feet climbing through the Kenosha mud. He was not arrested at this time. This time, though he was caught with $828,000 in cash and the investigation led the authorities to Arizona and Massachusetts where they located roughly $15 million in cold hard cash, 400 pounds of marijuana and drug ledgers that linked Dion to sales dating all the way back to 1992.

Just because he had 15 million dollars in cash put away, and 400 pounds of marijuana doesn’t mean he was a bad man. In many peoples eyes, Marshall Dion was a hero! One thing is for sure, though; no one should be in jail for a plant, especially an 80-year-old man.

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