85 Year Old Man Records Video of Tornado As it Ravages His Home

In this shocking news story, you will learn about a video that is very scary as well as a video that is now saving lives. On April 9th, 2015 a man by the name of Clem Schultz and his wife Geri were at home preparing to lose electricity due to the pending storm that weather forecasters had been announcing. He was sure that this storm and tornado would pass as many others had so he went upstairs to gather together lanterns to be prepared. It was then that he noticed the tornado out his bedroom window and decided to film it on his cellphone camera.

Clem Schultz survived the April 9, 2015, tornado that struck Fairdale, but his wife did not. Missy, the couple's white shepherd, went missing for two days.

Unfortunately, the tornado decided it had different plans and set upon a path directly towards Clem. The tornado, unfortunately, hit his home as you can see in the video and his beloved wife was lost. Clem was on the second story of the house when he noticed the tornado was not going to miss them but could not make it to his wife in time. This video is now being used to warn others about the true dangers associated with the wrath of mother nature. Heed this warning and do not underestimate the power of Mother Nature!


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