9 Year Old Shocks World By Doing What We Thought Couldn’t Be Done

The shocking truth is not everything we have been told; we can believe and if you don’t already know this then you my friend might just be of the gullible breed. For generations now we’ve heard about the infamous prison known as Alcatraz. Reportedly those who are sent to Alcatraz had no chance of Escape because of where this island was located.

The swim was impossible according to what was said. Even in the movie The Rock, Sean Connery allegedly survived the swim once. Granted this was only a movie and in real life, it is not sure whether anybody had survived that swim or not. If you are ever wondering if it was possible to swim from Alcatraz in an escape here’s a little bit of new information to add to your theories.

People would say that the undertow and the current would carry you away and that you would not survive the swim. If that is so how would it be possible that a 9-year-old boy swam to Alcatraz and back? I thought this was an impossible swim? According to NBC News not anymore. A nine-year-old California boy broke records when he swam to the Alcatraz Island and back. James Savage was a true savage when it came to hitting the water at just four foot six and about 60 pounds this mighty giant shows that the swim was, in fact, possible. When you don’t think things are possible is when they become impossible, and that’s the shocking truth.

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