This One Simple Buying Decision Could Prevent a Carjacking


Shocking new statistics reveal that there is one anti-carjacking device that out does all others on the market today. Hands down there is one simple way to keep a crook from stealing your ride. Are you curious as to what this miraculous anti-carjacking method is? Well here’s the secret to this shocking news. Buy a stick shift! It is estimated that 95% of the youth today have no idea how to operate a stick shift and will not even attempt to steal one. If the vehicle you own is a stick shift most likely the common criminal or thug that would consider carjacking you for your vehicle will not be able to handle the complexity of motor skills that it takes to drive a stick shift.


Rather than be embarrassed by not knowing how to drive these vehicles, would be criminals once spotting the shifter automatically turn to pettier crimes such as stealing a piece of jewelry or money laying around in the car and running off into the night. This will save your car and even sometimes your life. So the next time you decide to purchase a car and you were thinking about buying automatic maybe you should take this shocking statistical fact and buy a stick shift so that the new millennial generation of carjacking criminals leave you alone.


After all stupid is as stupid does an apparently stupid doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift! Maybe if they spent less time playing video games and more time in actual life applying their time to learning skills they would learn to drive things such a stick shift. Stay off the drugs and quit robbing people, hugs not drugs violence isn’t the answer!

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