A Burial at Sea Was Almost the Fate of These Three

Imagine being lost in the ocean on a boat for two months. The shocking truth is this can and does happen. A 29-year-old man from Colombia made his way to Honolulu after two months at sea. After leaving Columbia’s Coastline roughly two months before being rescued the man said he was on a 23-foot skiff.

There were three men total that took off on this small boat. Suddenly the motor died. When the motor would no longer work the current started taking the three men out to sea. They were adrift in the Pacific Ocean living on fish and seagulls to survive.

The other passengers on the boat perished, and the survivor did turn over their passports, but there were no bodies. Apparently the passenger who was rescued tossed the bodies overboard to avoid having to stand to look at them or to smell them. A burial at sea was almost the fate of this entire crew.


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