A Cheesy Story

cheesy 2

Nowadays you hear just about everything when it comes to people trying to steal things. No place is safe when it comes to thievery. Ontario Canada knows this all to well as last week at approximately one a.m. thieves attempted to steal a truckload of cheese. This truckload of cheese was estimated to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Three men ended up in a Fast and Furious type heist and stole this tractor trailer. They then led police on a high-speed chase and even managed to get away in the tractor-trailer they had stolen.

cheesy 1

Unfortunately, their lack of driving skills upon excitement caused them to wreck the semi and roll it over. These three cheesy men were found trying to hail a cab where they were arrested and charged with a criminal offense of theft over $5,000. When it comes to cargo theft ever since the Fast and Furious movies, truck drivers everywhere, have been in danger.

cheesy 3

Whether the loads be stolen while truck drivers are gassing up, by the poor choice of lady companionship, or Fast & Furious style driving down the road this growing craze for hijacking payloads is dangerous and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down in the future. Perhaps if you have a cheese craving, there are easier ways to cure the urges without stealing tractor trailers loaded with cheese. In the end, it can be a gooey mess that can leave you with fines and a criminal record that aren’t so cheesy!

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