A Hole in Asia’s History May Soon be Filled

At The Shocking Truths, we love to report on random things found in places around the globe. Just recently we reported on a shipwreck being found in the middle of the desert with millions of dollars worth of gold coins. In today’s shocking news archaeologist in Cambodia have found several different undocumented medieval cities a short distance from the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.

It is believed that these medieval cities will help to fill in details which are now just assumptions in Southeast Asia’s history. These cities were found utilizing Laser Technology by the European Research Council. The cities are thought to be part of the Khmer Empire which declined in the 15th century.


Experts and key archaeologist in the community believe that these may be some of the most significant discoveries in the past decade. As we have said here at The Shocking Truths before the answers to every question we have about our history is out there just waiting to be discovered, and the shocking truth is we are finding them one by one.


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