A Hot Springs You Definitely Don’t Want to Soak In

The shocking truth is everything you hear in movies is not a lie. Some of the things hold truth to them. The Danakil depression in the northern triangle located in the Horn of Africa contains three tectonic plates that meet forming a depression. This depression has given way to an uncharted toxic hot spring. This hot spring of toxic acid is flourishing with alien life.

Scientists recently ventured into Ethiopia’s toxic hot spring to look for signs of what life could survive in such harsh conditions. The toxic Hot Springs of Ethiopia are Uncharted territories exact are in Erie yet strangely majestic sight to behold. The strange yellow shorelines appear to make the landscape and light up as if it glows. The temperature averages about 107 degrees Fahrenheit with chlorine and salt for clouds in the air.


These clouds are so dangerous that anyone unfortunate enough to be close to these boiling toxic Hot Springs will run the risk of burning their lungs. Scientists are hoping this inhospitable smelly area will help them understand how life may exist on planets other than Earth. Love the detailed information from this study may never truly be known researchers are there suggesting you enjoy the beautiful pictures while you wait.

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