A Large Portion of Data Purchased is Data Stolen

The shocking truth is that American mobile device users did not use 10 trillion gigabytes of data! The real truth is they probably only used a fraction of that. Where the Eagles soars in this plot line is with communication companies. They charge phenomenal fees for data access and your data does not roll over on the majority of plans. Take Verizon for example the can you hear me now network.

If you buy mobile data from them and don’t use it before it expires then you are out of luck I personally have had hundreds of gigabytes expire because I did not use them quick enough. The shocking truth is companies like to put out statistics that make them seem like they are growing at epic rates.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and all they want to do is manipulate the words you read to make you believe what they want you to. 10 trillion gigabytes of data is a lot of data. Especially when you consider that Verizon charges $100 for 10 gigabytes.

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