A New Way of Harvesting Meat

The shocking truth is some people are just disgusting when it comes to food. And I’m not talking about eating insects or eating strange, weird cuisines around the world. A company in San Francisco by the name of Memphis Meats has a particular creepy passion.

They’re devoted to creating and refining the process of harvesting meat by growing it from animal cells in the laboratory. This concept could be used for space travel as well as a way to help put an end to the environmental pollution that comes from agricultural farming of meat. I must say as a cook they did a good job to try to dance it up with vegetables and pasta, but when it comes to the first meatball grown in a lab, it does not look appealing to me at all.

I’d rather have my proteins in a capsule. Give me futuristic pills of space food rather than that goofy-looking gelatinous rubbery ball of cells any day.

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