A Phone Call From Space


Have you ever dialed the wrong number before? Of course, you have. Some of us hang up in embarrassment straight away, and others will start a conversation with a complete stranger. Have you ever had a wrong number call you? The answer to that is most likely a yes. This is a common occurrence here on earth but what’s not common is when the party on the other end of the call you answer is calling from outer space.


Tim Peake suffered a rather embarrassing moment recently. For those of you who do not know who Tim is, he is a British astronaut. Tim just made it to the space station this December. On December 15th arrived to spend six months and do scientific research and experiments.


Tim made a phone call from the International Space Station also known as the ISS. When the recipient on the other end of the line answered the phone, they were greeted by someone saying hello is this planet Earth? I’m guessing it would appear that he hung up immediately upon realizing it was a wrong number or use the age-old we were disconnected line.


He did however immediately take to Twitter where he apologized to the lady he made the call to telling her it was not a prank just the wrong number. Let’s hope Tim is better with numbers when it comes to scientific data, research and other aspects any news when it comes to choosing between the ten numbers to choose from when dialing a phone number lol.At least, he had good humor in it all in had no problems in admitting his galactic misdial. So if you get a call asking if this is earth, just say hello to Tim and tell him he misdialed.


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