A Pub Collapses Due to Raging Flood Waters, See the Video Here


You may have heard the phrase It all came crumbling down or washed away by the river. This is exactly what happened here. You could say that some people’s livelihood, as well as memories, were washed down the river, as a piece of local history came crumbling down.


In the village of Summerseat, located in the Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester, England, a 200-year-old building that was built on a bridge that crossed over the Irwell River collapsed. This building was the home of a local pub and restaurant known as, the Waterside.

It would appear that the extreme force of the water passing under the bridge caused issues with the structural integrity of the building causing it to collapse. Many speculate that the vibration from the extreme force of the floodwaters combined with the age of the Waterside Pub and Restaurant caused the collapse.


Furthermore, locals are concerned that the bridge itself will give out as the recent flood waters are taking a devastating toll on the integrity of the bridge structure itself. The whole region has been pounded by torrential rains that have created widespread flooding. It would seem this holiday season that many of us could use boats in the air conditioners instead of sleds and fireplaces.


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