A Sasquatch May Have Been Spotted in the Rockwood TN Walmart

Bigfoot was spotted in Walmart! It is unclear as to exactly where this Walmart was located as the footage looks virtually the same for each one and it surfaced on the Internet. This footage was typical Walmart for at it until all of a sudden shoppers saw Bigfoot in Walmart riding a scooter shopping for groceries and supplies.

Many people first did a double take and then pulled out their cell phones quickly to record this monumental once in a lifetime event. I mean it’s not every day you see Bigfoot, especially shopping in Walmart. As people were threatened to approach this Sasquatch looking individual, they just kept their video cameras rolling as Bigfoot bought some simple groceries as well as some hunting and camping supplies. It was unclear whether this was actually a hairy man or woman or an actual sasquatch when looking at the video.

Many believe that the video was shot in East Tennessee where people very often resemble a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Some even speculate that Bigfoot was spotted at a Walmart supposedly located in Rockwood, TN! If you live in East Tennessee and happen to be a resident of the Roane County area you might run into Bigfoot at Walmart.
Were you one the people at Walmart? Are you able to verify whether this was really Bigfoot? If so, please let us know! The information you find on the internet is so hard to believe nowadays but after seeing The Hills Have Eyes you never know.

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