A Shocking Rescue from the Story Books

The shocking truth is the Gilligan’s Island Story really does happen. Another shocking truth is you really can be rescued by writing help in the sand on the shoreline. This exact situation just happened recently. No I’m not talking about the old movie Castaway.

Three men were recently rescued off of an uninhabited island located in the Pacific. The three men were stranded for 3 days. That used three trees and three leaves to make a place to stay. All three of them pitched in to write one letter each for a total of 3 letters and then all three pitch tend to create the 4th. They were rescued after 3 days by the Coast Guard and Hawaii.

The men had went out on a 19-foot boat and a little ways out when a wave reportedly swamped their boat knocking it over. The three men then swam to a nearby island. The Coast Guard released reports that showed a combined 17-hour search of roughly 178 miles took place looking for the men. Japanese Navy crew joined the search finding the man on April 7th. Some are speculating that these three men are Japanese spies sneaking their way into the American Consul in Hawaii now.

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