A Shocking Truth About Vaccines You Probably Don’t Know

In this shocking news, I’m going to let you in on something that the average American does not know. The health vaccines that you are so commonly susceptible to getting from the doctor, pharmacy and some people even from the flipping grocery store are not that good for you. I myself do not do any forms of vaccines or shots and am completely against the concept or idea of allowing someone to inject anything into my body.

I frankly do not like needles and have nothing to do with them. No piercings, no tattoos, nothing. This is a personal choice and one that I am glad that I am making. I love tattoos and body art. I just do not believe it’s for me. What really gets my blood boiling is when information surfaces about things such as vaccines containing human DNA fragments that come from aborted fetal cells. These vaccines also contain viruses that are being linked to autism and cancer. The medical community has been poisoning the world with their prescription drugs for decades now. Cannabis is coming into the light and giving many and alternative Healthy Choice an option for a medicine that works across a wide versatility of conditions.

The fact that the medical community has been using aborted fetuses to make vaccines as well as infecting these vaccines with cancer-causing agents is disgusting and the real shocking truth for many. I thought it was bad enough when Pepsi was attempting to use aborted fetal cells to enhance the flavor of their soft drinks in test trials but add this news to the picture and it is clearly evident why I do not participate in any form of injecting myself with anything at all ever.

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