A Vegan Friendly Car from Tesla


In shocking news that has captivated the attention of those who have too much money yet still love the environment leather seats in their luxury vehicles have become a problem. That’s okay the new vegan-friendly electric powered super sports car has all the answers.


Those who are a vegetarian or vegan did not like the leather interiors found in vehicles today. Though they like the style and look the thought of slaughtered animals on the inside of their vehicle discerns them. In an answer to the vegetarians and vegans out there, Tesla came up with a solution. They have a synthetic leather material that is derived from plants rather than animals.


The new vegan-friendly interiors resemble the original leather interiors to the fullest yet will make any vegan proud to show off their electric lightning bolt. The new Tesla Model X sports cars come with the option of traditional leather or the new synthetic leather. So if you are looking to have a vegan electric car, Tesla has got that covered for you.

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