A Warning from Another World or Just Imminent Danger Ahead?

Human kind’s exploration into outer space is bringing the attention of other intergalactic races and species. Recently Japan launched a 273 million-dollar state-of-the-art satellite that was described as being essential when it came to unlocking the mysteries of the Milky Way and the universe. The name of the satellite is very fitting. It’s almost as if they knew what was going to happen to begin with. Maybe they just launched a couple of thousand dollar satellite claiming it to be a few million dollars so that when it disappeared they could pocket this money.

That wouldn’t be too far-fetched for any government. The name of the satellite was Hitomi. It was launched in February by the Japan space agency. The Hitomi satellite contained an extensive amount of equipment which apparently was purchased from NASA. Those who spend their time monitoring what is going on with space programs and behind-the-scenes information say that this extensive satellite was on its way to do a survey and surveillance of a nearby Planet when it was attacked. It was in fact blown out of the sky or blown into space you could say.

All that was left behind was a trail of debris and a few cryptic messages. What these encrypted messages were is all rumor at this point. Some say the satellite warned of a vessel approaching and that it was being fired upon while others speculate the satellite detected oncoming space debris, and that was it. You be the judge!

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