A Whole New Meaning to Deer in Headlights

The shocking truth is that despite the fact that there is evil almost everywhere that you go today not everyone is mean parted. The shocking truth story also gives new meaning to the phrase a deer caught in the headlights. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation also known as the DEC received a call early last Tuesday morning alerting them to a deer that had been fumbling around on Long Island.

Somehow this dimwitted Deer had managed to trap its head inside of the globe from a light post. The deer is believed to have been fumbling around in this state for at least 12 hours before the authorities were alerted. Officer Jeff Hull responded to the scene. This officer was unsuccessful in his first attempt of removing this globe from the deer’s head. Due to the morning dew, the object was very slick and did not allow him to get a firm grasp.

On his second try though he was able to toss his jacket over the globe and hold on to it as the deer struggled himself to freedom. The deer then ran off into the woods. No one was hurt in this shocking truth story, and Jeff was able to walk away a hero.



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