Activist Arrested in Canada For Distributing Seeds to Patients

Believe it or not, yet another individual was arrested for cannabis in Canada. Despite the fact that Justin Trudeau said that he was going to legalize cannabis when he was elected prime minister he has failed to do so. Since he was elected prime minister of Canada over 24,000 individuals have been arrested on cannabis charges. The latest arrest was none other than Dana Larsen, the renowned cannabis activist from Canada, who started operation OverGrow Canada.

dana 2

Dana was arrested last night during an operation OverGrow Canada rally at a Calgary Hotel. He will now be facing charges for distributing cannabis seeds as it is still against the law under the Canadian Controlled Substances Act to distribute marijuana in any form whether or not payment was received according to the Calgary Police. While this arrest may come as shocking news to many, to those of us in the cannabis culture, this is yet another casualty of prohibition against cannabis.

Dana Arrested

Unfortunately, we have become too used to. What may be shocking to some though is the fact that Dana can be seen in his videos of his arrest urging others to continue the fight and saying that this was just an act of Civil Disobedience and that together we will change things. This just goes to show you how committed cannabis activists are to making a change in this world and seeing that people’s lives are not ruined over a plant any longer.

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