Adrenaline Junkies Are Not Heroes

The shocking truth is some people will do anything for attention. This is what I believe is the case when so-called brave mountaineers climb India’s frozen waterfall. There’s nothing brave about climbing a frozen waterfall. If you ask me, it’s stupid. Yeah you can climb a frozen waterfall, and you’re not scared of nothing this means what to me. Why in the hell would you climb the frozen waterfall when there are perfectly good rocks to climb right beside you? Oh yeah, that’s right you’re an attention-craving adrenaline junkie.

People that do these absurd types of actions just for the random fun of it are really about themselves. On January 16th of this year, two individuals completed a first by climbing a frozen waterfall in India. News coverage calls these people heroes and other terms of endearment but I don’t believe they are deserving of this title.

The adrenaline junkies who did this were sponsored by Mountain Dew. If you truly are going to do something like this why not get people to donate money to see you do this and then give all the money to a worthy charitable cause. Oh that’s right you’re not about helping others you’re only about yourself. The shocking truth is too many people are like this today.

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