AI or Intelligent Life Embedded?

The shocking truth is we are getting ever closer to blending artificial intelligence with that of the human consciousness and soul. At least that is what some individuals in the scientific community are saying. If you are not familiar with the process of creating an Android version of yourself you may want to look into the Russian project 2045. This is not a science fiction movie nor is it a comedy.

This is actual factual science based on the studies of decades of research from geneticists, astrophysicists, chemists, and more. In news that is breaking ground and making waves throughout the scientific community it is reported that research studies show artificial synapses may possibly allow supercomputers to mimic the synapses within the human brain. This would help to carry your consciousness and insert it into an artificial intelligence.

What point though does artificial intelligence no longer become artificial? When artificial intelligence holds the consciousness of a human being it has been crossed the realm of being artificial into becoming a reality. Life is advancing faster than some of us would like to believe in that is the shocking truth.

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