Air Fresheners Could be Killing You

The shocking truth about air fresheners many of the ones you buy at the store for your home to make them smell good are extremely bad for us. Run a simple little test. If you have a gas stove at your home. Turn your burners on low to medium. You’ll see that they glow to a certain level, and that is it. They might flicker a little bit depending on the air in your room.

Now grab your favorite air freshener and spray it in the air somewhere close to your oven or stove but not directly on it or at it. As the air freshener fills the air, you’ll notice that the air starts to change the color of the fire of your stove your stove will go from burning blue and clean to burning orange and dirty.

Just imagine if your smell good air freshener can alter the intensity of fire what it is doing to the human body. If you want to try smell, good things look into natural alternatives such as simmering cinnamon, eucalyptus, or other natural alternatives.


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