Alarms Go Ding in Beijing as Airpocalypse Hits Code Red

If you are in Beijing be sure not to sing if you are in Beijing be sure not saying sing outside that is because taking in too much air could be deadly. Beijing has formally warned its citizens for the first time in recorded history as to a red alert due to the cities increasingly deadly smog problem. The poison levels associated with the smog in China is very dangerous.

Very Dangerous Clouds

There’s no way to be smog about it this is dangerous stuff. So dangerous in fact the Chinese capital is shutting down businesses and schools. Width 256 micrograms of poisonous particles packed into every cubic meter, the air outside, alone, just breathing it, could make you sick or even worse it could kill you. Measures need to be taken or this problem will soon spread across the world. We may have different countries but we share the same planet.


Almost Used To It

This is no surprise to China however as they have been on an orange alert for some time. During an orange alert for example cars with an even or odd number license plate are only allowed to drive on certain days much like water restrictions in the West Coast of the United States. By reducing the amount of poisonous emissions from cars and factories we might stand a chance.

Fresh Here Is Actually Very Bad for You

You know it’s bad when they refer to the air as Airpocalypse. An area the size of Spain has been affected in China. Smog is no joke the toxic levels of poison contained within it can be extremely dangerous even if exposure is only for short periods of time. The health impacts are startling. Most people smoke in China just to make the air smell better.


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