Alcohol Could Have You Talking to a Man in the Mirror

The shocking truth is if you consume alcohol in a bar chances are you may find yourself having a conversation with a man in the mirror. This, however, is not a result of too much alcohol this is actually a campaign to prevent drunk driving. There is a new campaign that is seeking to bring awareness to the cold hard truth surrounding what happens when you drink and drive. Next time you are in the bathroom at a bar, you may just encounter this new Public Service Announcement.

It will begin with a gentleman getting ready to enter prison before cutting to a party where people are throwing back cocktails and then you will find yourself having a one-on-one conversation with the man in the mirror. He will go on to tell you about how he had a horrific experience after choosing to drink and drive. This campaign, unfortunately, is a much-needed one and hopefully will completely kill the buzz of many people before they decide to drive while intoxicated from alcohol.

Unfortunately until our government decides to stand up and make a change to provide citizens with a legal, safe recreational option such as cannabis, you will probably see many more of these campaigns come into the Limelight as drinking and driving along with alcohol consumption itself take thousands of lives every year. Instead of risking a crazy encounter with the man in the mirror why not just stay at home and burn one instead.

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