Alien Abductions are Real Believe It or Not

The shocking truth about alien abduction is that it actually does happen! It’s never the neighbor next door in your neighborhood. It is always the ones who live out away from everyone else. Does this mean that they are making it up? No, it does not. Aliens are smarter than we would give them credit for being. They know to find people who are camping, hiking, living off the grid or in remote areas.

From hovering bright light abductions to visitors that are unexplained the shocking truth about alien life can be found in some of the hardest to believe places. Towns in Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, New York, virtually everywhere in the U.S has remote areas where alien abduction is not talked about it is kept a secret.

Is it out of the fear of being exposed and people calling them a crackpot that these people do not tell of their tales often? Or could it be something more? What if an alien army is here to oversee the final stages of the invasion? They no longer care about their behavior because they are sure of our certain doom. Trump, Hillary, Obama, Palin, and the rest could all be aliens from another world and that my friend is the shocking truth!


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