Alien Encounters or Government Deception?

The shocking truth is the powers to be, and those who profit from people have been conducting procedures to make those who believe in extraterrestrial life become even more frightened. Why would they do this to us? Money but of course! By making people believe that an imminent alien contact is coming between human society and an extraterrestrial race, people will start prepping even more.

This prepping leads to spikes in sales of all kinds of things. These sales drive profits, and that is the reason behind the staging of alien spacecraft in our skies. Private parties have been equipping gliders with extra-long wings so they can fly even further while attaching a series of alien looking lights to the long wingspan on the silent planes. These lights turn off and on at certain moments giving individuals the perception they just witnessed an Alien Encounter.

Upon seeing this panic spreads as people tell their stories. The government and private parties surely wouldn’t do something like this to profit off of the people would, though? You bet your ass they would, and that’s the shocking truth!

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