Alien Megastructure Found in Space – We Are Not Alone


Scientists studying the stars have found evidence of possible alien life. This time, the evidence does not come in the form of some microorganism or far-fetched theory as to something that may or may not have existed. It comes in the form of a giant structure built around what appears to be a moon. This structure is not a naturally occurring structure, and it is evident that it was not created by man. The only explanation is that someone or something else built the structure that is around this moon like object. Could this be alien life that we have spotted? The answer to that question is on the minds of many scientists throughout the astrological community.


Those who study the cosmos are intrigued by the theory of alien life and always in pursuit of tentative proof of alien existence. If science can get better readings and more thorough photography and imagery of this alien structure, it would solidify the existence of something else. This would prove we are not alone in the galaxy and that another intelligent life exists. The shocking news about this is you probably won’t hear about the story because they are focusing their energy on it. Nobody was supposed to discover where the rest of Obama’s species would be coming from during the transitional takeover of the planet Earth! Thanks, Obama you pot smoking, health care for profit, manipulating, double standard, no official record having, alien! Just kidding, just kidding, you’re cool.


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