Alien Remains or Mummified Human Remains? You be the Judge!

The shocking truth about alien life on planet Earth is that it really exists. Extraterrestrial life-forms have been reported since the beginning of time. Encounters with UFOs or unidentified flying objects have been reported over the last hundred years numerous times by pilots who fly the skies on a regular basis. What we see on the ground is one thing. What a pilot Sees in the sky is another. When what we see on the field and what pilots see in the sky start to correlate with one another then we know there is solidity to it.


Alien life here on the planet Earth has existed since long before humankind. Often the moment government agencies find information about someone who has an alien body or where an alien is they instantly come in and cover up the story. This is exactly what happened in Russia. The mummified remains of a small alien were found. Within a short period of time authorities moved in and claimed that the mummified remains were actually of a premature girl with several deformities.

This, of course, is a lie in an effort to debunk the truth and keep the public from questioning life as it’s been taught. Aliens exist, and there are pictures as you can see that will show you just what one particular species of aliens looks like. Take a look for yourself and come up with your own opinion. I know when I saw these pictures they were convincing enough to make me believe the possibility of alien life does exist, and that’s the shocking truth!


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