Alien Ship Spotted Tuesday Night Where


An imminent Alien Invasion is set to take place on the planet Earth. It has been building up for decades and now the time has almost arrived for the next phase of the plan. Years ago alien visitors arrived on planet Earth according to two sources from the internet. These Alien Invaders saw a different plan rather than mining the planets themselves they’d have the people of Earth do it for them.


These alien figures became known as politicians. They are from the planet Politica located hundreds of thousands of light-years away in the Iscrew U System. They made their way here and since then have been utilizing the people of planet Earth to do all their dirty work for them. From poisoning the world’s atmosphere to make it more inhabitable for their alien counterparts to mining all the precious resources from water to minerals.


Aliens aren’t little green guys like you’ve been led to believe. They don’t have oversized for heads and come down to explore our anus is. They are here looking to advance their civilization and carry on life as they know it even if that is at the destruction of humankind.


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