All the Buzz Surrounding Birds and Politicians is Controlled

Rumors have been circulating the internet about birds! In particularly about the eagle that attacked Donald Trump and the Disney-like actions of the little bird who landed on the podium while Bernie Sanders was giving a speech. Some say that this is the work of a certain group of individuals behind the scenes with a hidden political agenda. Apparently they are out to destroy the reputation of all individuals who are running for the presidency that are being taken seriously. This is why Hillary Clinton has not had a bird incident yet. Besides that, she is a bird.

A dirty bird or as some would say a soon-to-be jailbird! Reports are circulating the internet that allegedly Donald Trump was sprayed down with a certain pheromone of female Eagles that in fact made the male Eagle want to mate with him. To the untrained eye, it would appear that the eagle was attacking Donald Trump. Now in an effort to further discredit Bernie Sanders, people are suggesting and making accusations that Bernie Sanders used a trained Disney bird to help boost his image to the public.

This bird was allegedly trained to fly to a certain scent that was sprayed on the podium and then returned upon hearing a silent whistle much like a dog whistle. If all went according to plan Bernie Sanders would look like a Disney princess. Now people are saying that puppy dogs and apple pies are no longer politics. They are now saying that politics has gone to the birds!

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