Almost Half of the Population in this County is Behind Bars

The shocking truth is prison population in the United States is out of control. Thanks to marijuana legalization prison population is starting to be reduced greatly. However, imagine if you will living in a county of 5000 for just a moment. Now, of those 5000 people 2,000 of them are inmates. If this is your county, this means you live in Crowley County Colorado. Crowley County Colorado is one of the places where many prisons are placed.

There are at least two of them within a few miles of each other on Highway 96. These prisons house more than 2,000 inmates. This makes the County’s population the most incarcerated population in the entire United States of America cording to the 2013 census report. There is a Correctional Corporation of America prison and a state prison. This is so they can easily trade off prisoners back and forth like trading stock.

The shocking truth is the county’s prison population is one that is definitely about profit over people. If you’re ever in Ordway or Crowley County Colorado be sure you don’t ask anything about water. It’s like you’re doing some sort of drug deal or conducting shady business for some reason and you might just find yourself calling one of these prisons home.


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