Americans May Be Racist Towards Meat from Another Country

meat 2

These days people are getting offended about everything from flags to religions but never did I dream that I would see a right taken from someone because someone may be offended by a piece of meat.

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In a spending bill recently passed by the United States Congress, the COOL regulation or Country-of-Origin Labeling regulation was repealed. This regulation requires that all meat be labeled with its country of origin clearly on the packaging. That’s right, in the United States, the citizens now do not have the right to know where the meat they purchase to consume comes from. This right is being taken because the World Trade Organization just ruled that some people may discriminate against meat from another country and not purchase it because of where it came from so we no longer need to know where it comes from.

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Mexico and Canada are the top agricultural partners of the United States. The World Trade Organization has permitted Canada and Mexico the right to impose $1 BILLION in tariffs in retaliation if such labels are not pulled from pork and beef products. That’s right, Canada and Mexico could apply a billion dollars in taxes on imports to or exports from the United States if labels are not removed.90% of Americans support COOL regulations and would prefer to know where their meat originates from so that they can make conscious choices for what their family consumes. This is just another way that the government does not represent the American people and how they can sneak anything into a 2,000+ page document in the middle of the night, and the majority will never know about it.

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