An 850 Foot Tsunami is Coming Toward Where

Tsunamis are very dangerous natural occurrences that can head devastating effects on areas around the globe. They come in with virtually no warning destroying buildings, crops, homes as well as killing, livestock, people, and they have devastating ecological effects on anywhere unfortunate enough to be in its path. Tsunamis vary in size and height. They can be created by underwater earthquakes. They also can be triggered by much larger natural disasters such as collapsing volcanoes.


Many years ago a volcano located on the island of Fogo erupted. This volcano was 9300 feet tall. The volcanic eruption cars the volcano to collapse and fall into the ocean. This sent a wave estimated to be 650 feet to 900 feet tall across the ocean. The nearby island of Santiago has 770-ton boulders that line the ocean floor also at 650 feet above sea level. These Boulders were placed by a massive wave or a tsunami.

With yet more and more proof being established each year about volcanic activity in relation to enormous tsunamis it makes this natural catastrophe more likely. Hawaii, India, and Italy, have volcanoes that could collapse any day and send a tsunami of prehistoric and colossal proportions coming at you without nothing more than a few moments notice.


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